Scorpio Boyfriend Necklace - Large - PRE ORDER
Scorpio Boyfriend Necklace - Large - PRE ORDER
Scorpio Boyfriend Necklace - Large - PRE ORDER

Scorpio Boyfriend Necklace - Large - PRE ORDER

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Your every day Scorpio hanging from an Off White or Black cord. 

Wear as a necklace or a double bracelet.

Introducing our Zénaïs Scorpio, an exquisite piece that pays homage to the ancient symbolism and intriguing origin of the Scorpio. Crafted with meticulous precision from high-quality sterling silver, this pendant captures the essence of the Scorpion, a powerful symbol representing strength, intensity, and mystery.

The Scorpion has been revered across various cultures throughout history. In ancient Egyptian mythology, it was associated with the goddess Isis, known for her protective nature and transformative powers. The Scorpion symbolised her ability to navigate the depths of darkness and emerge with renewed strength.

Our Zénaïs Scorpio showcases the intricate details of the Scorpion, beautifully engraved to portray its distinctive curves and features. 

This jewelry piece becomes a forever charm, reflecting the enigmatic qualities of the Scorpio.

It serves as a reminder of your own strength and resilience, encapsulating the mystique and allure that surrounds the Scorpio symbol.

Plating: Gold filled silver 925 / sterling silver 925.

Size: Scorpio is approximately 3cm long.

Choose between single or double cord necklace.

All products are handcrafted in Greece and made by order.