ZÉNAÏS, founded in 2019 in Athens, Greece, creates statement pieces that transcend time, embodying a fusion of ancient heritage and contemporary expression, resulting in statement pieces that are both current and timeless with and edge. 


Zoe Skiadopoulos, the founder of the brand, driven by her love for creativity and a natural evolution of self-expression, embarked on the path of founding her own brand. ZÉNAÏS became the canvas through which she could unleash her artistic vision and share her unique perspective with the world. Through her passion for style, design, and art, she seeks to inspire individuals to embrace their own creativity and adorn themselves with pieces that tell a story.  


ZÉNAÏS breathes life into each meticulously handcrafted piece, using precious materials and infusing them with strong symbols. Nature's organic shapes and fluid curves serve as the ultimate inspiration of ZÉNAÏS designs, symbolizing the eternal movement and vitality of life. 


The brand itself has also a female energy, as its name ZÉNAÏS has been derived from the Greek word Ζηναις, which honors the female form of Zeus, the god of the sky, lightning and thunder in Ancient Greek mythology. As the king of the gods on Mount Olympus, Zeus represents power, strength, and creativity. 


ZÉNAÏS at its core is a symbol of empowerment, self-expression, and the beauty that lies within each individual.